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Fixed Cloth Media - No Moving Parts

Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters for Wastewater

MFC Cloth Media Filters

Simple Operation,
Proven Performance

MFC's Fixed Filter Plate cloth media filter systems feature stationary media plate technology, which reduces equipment maintenance, mechanical complexity, and overall installed cost. Systems have NO internal or submerged moving parts.

FFP-CTM Stainless Modular Components for Concrete Tanks


FFP-CTM modular cloth media filter components are specifically designed to be installed into new or existing concrete tanks, basins, and other on-site structures. All FFP-CTM components are supplied in 100% 304 or 316 stainless steel to limit maintenance requirements and provide a long equipment life. Influent and backwash valves are typically mounted in a valve drywell or vault for easy access. A simple PLC based control system and small 5-7.5 HP compressor system are included to provide fully automatic operation.

FFP-CTM cloth media filter systems are modular in design and can be applied to a wide range of flows. Typical applications include larger municipal facilities, regional water districts, and reuse applications with flows above 2.0 MGD. Each FFP-CTM element includes ~48sf of media per element with no upper limit on elements provided. Systems can be installed in a single concrete basin or in mulitple parallel basins to provide redundancy or access as required by local codes.


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Article: Reuse project features fixed plate tertiary cloth media filtration.

MFC's Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters - Proven Performance

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