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Fixed Cloth Media Filters - No Moving Parts

Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters

MFC Cloth Media Filters

Simple Operation - No Moving Parts

MFC's Fixed Filter Plate cloth media filter systems use cloth media, gravity, and simple open-close valves to generate forward and backwash flow during normal operation, eliminating mechanical wear items, reducing footprint, and simplifying equipment installation.


During normal operation, influent is evenly distributed along the length of the common influent channel, then enters the individual media element channels where heavy solids settle to the bottom of the influent channel or are removed by the vertical cloth media elements. Filtered water is collected in the common filter bay and exits over the control weir.


At a preset level (or on time), each filter element is backwashed in sequence by closing itís influent valve and opening itís backwash valve. Water continues to enter the other filter cells, providing filtered water to the common filter bay. Dirty backwash flows in reverse to the influent/backwash channel and out by gravity. All media panels are cleaned in sequence while flow continues to enter the filter at all times.

Since filtration and backwash are produced by gravity, no pumps or vacuums, spray bars, or rotating elements are needed. This significantly reduces mechanical complexity and element wear, reducing installed cost and maintenance requirements.

All filtration and backwash operations, including the air scour to enhance for increased cleaning efficiency, are powered by a small PLC panel and a 2-3 HP compressor (or central air if available).

MFC Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters - Proven Performance

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