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Fixed Cloth Media Filters - No Moving Parts

Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters for Wastewater

MFC Cloth Media Filters

Simple Operation - Proven Performance

MFC's Fixed Filter Plate cloth media filter systems feature stationary media plate technology, which reduces equipment maintenance, mechanical complexity, and overall installed cost. Systems have NO internal or submerged moving parts.

Low Power Usage - Increased Efficiency

All MFC Cloth Media Filter systems are powered entirely by gravity and compressed air (available in most plants) for both filtration and backwash. By using available water level differential (>30" normally) and a small amount of compressed air, the innovative design eliminates high voltage pumps, rotating disks, drive motors, gears, high pressure spray bar systems, and other mechanical & electrical items. A small 2-3 hp air compressor is all that is needed to run the valves & backwash operations.

Power usage during testing was as low as $0.80 / Day while treating 0.8 MGD. Power usage of $0.75 - $1.00 / Day / MGD would be expected for most systems.

MFC Fixed Plate Cloth Media systems are designed to filter significant amounts of wastewater using multiple vertically placed sheets of acrylic cloth media. This dramatically reduces equipment footprint (4-5X) and associated land usage, concrete, and piping requirements, saving resources and installation expense.

MFC Fixed Plate Cloth Media Filters - Proven Performance

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